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eve vernier hand control

EV2 Vernier Hand Control

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The Felsted® Electronic Vernier (EV2) has been designed to provide precise variable engine speed adjustment on electronically controlled stationary engines or from a remote operating position on mobile equipment. Felsted® has engineered the EV2 to allow capability with most electronically-controlled diesel engines.

The large (2-1/4”) diameter, easily identifiable knob, provides continuous engine speed regulation from idle to wide open throttle in seven full turns providing fine engine speed adjustment. To prevent accidental over-revving, the EV2 cannot be pulled to the wide open throttle position – it must be turned. However, it does offer a quick shut-down feature activated by pushing in the knob.

The EV2 also offers an adjustable friction collar to prevent accidental changes in engine speed. When a change in engine speed is desired, the friction collar my be loosened.

The Felsted® EV2 is easily installed in a very limited amount of space. The EV2 requires a .78” diameter drilled hole and a 4.5” clearance behind the dash panel. The EV2 is pre-set at the factory with no field adjustment necessary. The potentiometer unit is sealed for protection against moisture and contaminants.